Little White Kiwi


Shelton Woolright 2016

Common Name: albino North Island brown kiwi
Taxonomic Classification: Apteryx mantelli
Found: Taupo, 1918

Possibly albino, but more likely a form of leukism. Leukism is caused by recessive genes that prevent pigment cells forming in skin but does not affect eye colour. Albinism is the inability to produce pigment (melanin) within the cells and causes loss of colour in eyes as well as skin and hair, and is the rarer of the two. Pukaha Mt Bruce near Masterton has had five kiwi chicks, born from the same parents, that are leukistic.

Printed on 310gsm satin Hahnemühle PhotoRag. 100% cotton fine art paper, certified archival (200 years) Made in Germany. Printed with acid-free archival 11 colour high dynamic range, Epson UltraChrome pigment ink system.

1200x800mm – 5 editions $1,700
841x560mm – 10 editions $695
420x280mm – 30 editions $190

10% of the sales from this print will go to the ‘Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund’ supporting conservation efforts in the wild throughout New Zealand and overseas

Framed by ‘State Of The Art’ This frame is hand made in New Zealand and uses sustainable farmed timber. Plexiglass is used as a lighter alternative at this size. The artwork is held in place with rare earth magnets to ensure paper conservation. Recommended by the artist:

Object courtesy of the Auckland War Memorial Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira.



1200x800mm – 5 editions $1,700
841x560mm – 10 editions $695
420x280mm – 30 editions $190